Learning All About Flamenco

So I’ve been staying in Sevilla a while now and I have to admit I love it here.  For me sitting up on the hostel roof playing guitar is just about the only entertainment I need, but playing guitar in Sevilla all day means I have to learn something about the local music and that means learning all about Flamenco.

Sevilla pretty much briefs Flamenco – the Andalusian music and dance style famous the world over, for years travelers have been coming to here to watch and learn all about it.  Turns out the style dates back to the late 18th century, at least that’s when the first records exist, and Flamenco’s popularity has soared since then.

My first real exposure to Flamenco was through a collaboration my hostel has with the Museo del Baile Flamenco, which as it turns out is the only museum dedicated to Flamenco in the entire world.  I enjoyed a guided tour and an amazing show with both male and female dancers. Of course I was most interested in the guitar player myself!

I’ve been working on my own Flamenco guitar since then with another guest who’s spending a month here while he learns to play Flamenco guitar.  I also had the pleasure of hanging out with a Flamenco dancer who was at the hostel, but I can’t say I learned my dancing.  Maybe next time…


PS  For those interested in learning some dancing the Sevilla Backpackers Inn has partnered with the Museo del Baile Flamenco to offer an inexpensive opportunity to learn all about Flamenco.  For only 75 euros guests get two nights at the Sevilla Backpacker’s Inn, have a tour of the Flamenco museum, see the fantastic show and then have a four hour Flamenco master class.

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