Things you (probably) didn´t know about flamenca dancer´s dress

Although there are still two months left before it takes place, now it´s a good time to start thinking about something so typical of Sevilla as a Feria of April is. Don´t worry, we are not going to give you a typical speech about what the Feria is. We will assume that you already know a little bit about it. But do you also know the origin and the history of these beautiful dresses of sevillian women? In this article we will tell you some curiosities never heard before and the tales of theses special dresses. Olé

How was it born?

The flameca dress appeared for the first time in 19th century during the feria of Seville (in that times called „Feria de ganado“), where the women of the bussiness men (majority of them of gipsy origin) and the rural women was wearing some kind of housecoat with flounces, much more simplier than we know it now. At the start, it was an tipical dress of women from law classes or country, but later became very popular and there is no sevillian who wouldn´t have at least one flamenca dress. Its fame it´s not existing only in Seville, it become an emblem of Spain.

How is it like?

The shape of the flamenco dancer dress is called like “the body of the guitar“, it means it adjusts in the superior part of the body taking width in the part of the feet to make the movement more comfortable during the dance. It´s long, it comes to the feet and it use to be decorated with flounces with the form of the flower on the bottom of the skirt and on the sleeves. There is a plenty of colours which attact during the dance and a lot of kinds of prints, but the most typical is polka dot. The women dressed in flamenco dancer dress always wear a bun and a flower in their hair with a shawl on their shoulders. Also, they wear a lot of bracelets, and long earrings called “zarcillos“, and they use to wear an remarkable make up to show the beauty of an andalusian woman.

The flamenco dancer dress changed a little all over the years, depending of the style of every period. For example at years 60 because of the popularity of miniskirt it used to be really short. After few years it become as long as we know it in these days. The flamenco dancer dress is not the same in every part of Andalusia, there are a special peculiarities in the dress of Málaga, Sevilla, Huelva, etc.

Actually, you can buy the flamenco dancer dresses at the special shops of a different kinds dedicated to women or young girls in lot of versions (with sleeves, without sleeves, with prints, without prints, etc.). This traditional dress of andalusian women inspired a lot of famous spanish or international designers who used the elements of the dress for their creations (in Spain Vittorio y Lucchino, in foreign Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, etc.) and there is lot of designers so fascinated of flamenca dancers dress who design only this kind of dress (for example Ángeles Verano, Carmen Acedo, etc.).

Who is wearing it?

A flamenco dancer dressed passed by a big evolution and from the simple house dress it become to be a decoration of the flamenco dancers and it reflects a sensual andalusian culture always respecting the traditions. There is a lot of famous women of the world of the cinema who was wearing this beautiful dress as well (for example Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Uma Thurman) and it has its own Barbie doll dressed in flamenco dancer dress as well.

Grace Kelly

Uma Thurman


We have seen that the flamenco dancer dress has more history than it seems to have. Now is an special dress, but before it used to be a simple house dress of working women. Anyway, it doesn´t take the beauty and glamour it has and the flamenco dancer dress become to be a “must have“ of the world style. And how about you? Do you already have any?