Legend says that there is an elf of Sevilla and that it hides in the city, they say that the person who finds it falls in love with the city and never want to leave it.  The reality is that this elf is the art of this city, our tapas, our flamenco, our monuments, our streets with the smells of orange blossoms and especially our people, kind and friendly people who offer you help with a smile and make your stay with us unforgettable.  These are the secrets that capture this beautiful city split by the river Guadalquivir, separating Triana and Sevilla, where walking is a pleasure.


In our hostels we know the best places in Sevilla and we’ll show you what the best and the cheapest ways are to understand and feel the very special lifestyle of the capital of Andalusia.


Sevilla evenings are magical! It´s illumination and streets crowded with people enjoying our delicious tapas and drinking Cruzcampo beer will make you forget for a moment your backpack and you will breathe like an authentic Andalusian.In our hostels we’ll give you a map and tell you to enjoy getting lost in the narrow streets of Barrio Santa Cruz (former Jewish quarter) because finding the path is the adventure of travel.


At the hostel, you can ask to our staff for more detailed information about Sevilla.